Arcania - 4/5
This game has some ground-breaking and visually stunning aspects.  When it rains, it actually creates puddles of water that will then dissipate after the rain has stopped.  You can also see "water" running down the faces of rocks, walls, and armor (just to name a few) while it is raining.  This game brings nothing new in the area of traditional RPG questing or combat.  The combat is very similar to Oblivion and the questing is similar to what we have already seen in previous RPG's.  Though the game is new, it is not dx11 capable which is a little disappointing.  Over all this is a great game, definitely worth a try.


Descent: Journeys In The Dark
This is a board game, similar to HeroQuest for any of you who may remember that one.  The neat thing about this game is that the maps can be entirely random every time you play.  I'm sure my wife wouldn't enjoy playing this game with me, but its definitely one I'd consider buying.  This game is a dungeon crawler where the players can collect items as well as level up their characters.  There are expansions for this game as well so adding content is not a problem.  You can also create you own scenarios and house rules to make this game a 10/10.

Star Wars: The Old Republic